Reabrook invests in a 250,000 tube filling facility and clean-room blending area.

With a commitment to a 250,000 investment, our challenge was to design and deliver a medical standard clean room, two-phase blending facility and positive air-pressure tube filling area which can operate as speeds up to 60 tubes per minute.

Prior to project commencement our project team set out a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve. The resulting area soon surpassed the expectations and ideas that were originally conceived.
As one of the UK’s leading private label personal care providers it was essential that the specification integrated the latest technology with usability and flexibility.

The area incorporates a clean-room blending area for specialist personal care products, a separate pre-weigh area and a purpose built two-phase blending facility for lotions, gels and creams with tanks that can blend up to 2500 litres.

We have also invested in a cambered epoxy-resin chemical resistant floor and a positive air-pressure tube filling area to reduce contamination. Clean air is supplied to blending rooms by passing air through a HEPA Filter. This is in order to maintain a positive pressure within the blending rooms so no particles from outside the rooms can enter and contaminate the product. The flexible room housing tube filler is classified an ISO Class 9. It achieves this by passing the room air through 2 HEPA filters to create positive pressure and eliminate contamination.

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