Reabrook commits to the Environment

We are pleased to be able to announce our support for The National Forest in their ongoing efforts to help restore forested areas, through tree-planting restoration projects.

Our sponsorship agreement is set to create 21 hectares of new woodland at The National Forest Boothorpe site and will also include parkland, grasslands and wetlands in an overall development of 38 hectares. We chose to support The National Forest as it is a local scheme that will enable our employees to engage directly with the project.

Pictured above are our Joint Managing Directors Tony Brealey and Malcolm Watkins, handing over our cheque to Chief Executive of The National Forest Sophie Churchill, after completing a bridge building exercise to create access to the site. Tony stated "We have recently identified our carbon footprint and have been actively working to reduce our consumption. We hope that by planting 42,000 trees this will reduce the impact that we have on the environment and help us become carbon neutral."

So far The National Forest have planted 7.8 million trees and increased wooded cover from an initial 6% to 18.4%, which is almost 50% of the planned coverage. 75% of the total Forest creation achieved has open public access and a further 6% of sites have access planned (81% in total).

Click Here to view more information about The National Forest.