Reabrook is a major UK manufacturer and distributor of cleaning, maintenance and hygiene products to every facet of the private and public sector. Many of our products have industry approvals and meet the standards required by organisations such as the MOD, rail industry and NATO. We produce over 20 million litres of liquid products and over 10 million aerosols each year and have the ability to react to additional capacity demands when necessary. Both through branded and private label channels Reabrook has reacted to market changes, customer demands and BRC/ISO approvals, to maintain our reputation for innovation and quality. Using this range we can offer “off the shelf” formulations to our private label customers which are proven products.

As part of our commitment to quality and innovation we have an in-house Research and Development laboratory, where a team of qualified chemists and technicians are constantly improving upon existing product ranges and developing new ones. We can also formulate to demand and are able to contract fill to customer supplied formulations. We also provide a comprehensive range of packaging solutions, to meet your needs.
Odour Control
Odour Remover
Air Freshener
Cleaning & Sanitisers
Solvent Free
Specialist Cleaning
Sainless Steel Cleaner
Wax Polish
Anti-Static Polsh
Anti-Static Cleaner
Foam Cleaner
Air Dusters
Lens Cleaner
AntiStatic Foam Cleaner
Glass Cleaner
Chewing Gum Remover
Grafitti Remover
Flooring & Carpet
Laminate Floor Cleaner
Carpet Cleaner
Carpet Stain Remover
Carpet Freshener
Slate Dressing
Floor Polish
Floor Sealer
Floor Stripper
Floor Maintainer
Fabric Freshener
Fabric Protector
Stain Guard
Fabric Conditioner
Stain Remover
Foaming Stain Remover
Kitchen Cleaner
Bleach Cleaner
Sink & Plughole Unblocker
Anti-Bacterial Cleaner
Stainless Steel Cleaner
Pest Control
Crawling & Flying Insect Killer
Insect Deterrent